How many onions must a man chop down, Before he makes larb moo? The answer my friend, is five and three spring, the answer is five and three spring.

Sing-Kee wanted to create a series of recipe videos using products available in their store. Entheos created several recipes videos including the aforementioned Larb Moo, Gyudon and Vegetable Tempura.

The goal with this campaign was to create videos that would simultaneously promote the produce sold by Sing Kee and draw in a wide range of audiences looking for the next tasty meal.

It was important to create videos that didn’t feel like ads, so that the videos themselves could work simply as recipe videos – the thinking being that, as audiences are tantalised by the delicious recipes before them, they are incentivised to visit Sing Kee to satiate their newfound desires.

  •   2020

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    Paul Barry